Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Final Photo Contest Update... The Winners!

Well, truly all the children are winners. We worked to capture some great expressions of all those that participated. In the end though the top three expressions have been chosen. The voting took place last week at Spoiled Rotten. As a reminder we (Molly and I) did not vote. All voting was from the participating family, whomever they asked to go vote and other SR customers. Remember, this was not a cutest kids contest. We focused on expressions thus the name Extraordinary Expressions Photo Contest. As you will see we did have a tie for 3rd place. THANK YOU again to all of you that came in for the session and particpated in the contest. We truly enjoyed it!

1st Place - Landon Bell:
2nd Place - Delaney Runyan:
3rd Place - Amalie Anderson and Chloe Jablonski:
(displayed in the order listed)


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