Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kimberly & Anthony

The clouds rolled in with a few drops of rain, thunder and lighting but it really turned out to be not much of a storm which allowed us to get the engagement session done without getting soaked. Although I would have gladly photographed them in a downpour of rain. I am a born and breed Oregonian so you can't let that stop you too much.

Email from the bride after this session:
Hi Adrian!What a surprise to have the slideshow in my inbox today! ...... You're quick! I appreciate you doing all of this for us! The pictures looked great! My mom said "if he did this good on these pictures, imagine what the wedding is going to look like!"

Kimberly and Anthony are getting married on 7/5 at the Governor Hotel downtown. Normally we don't do engagement sessions this close to the wedding yet we made the exception since they just flew in from New York today. We are very much looking forward to their wedding next Saturday! And of course we had a lot of fun with them downtown in The Pearl District with this shoot.


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