Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Heat - Frontline PBS Special

I took some time yesterday evening to watch an interesting and disturbing special on OPB. Most of it was not new to me. And I hope for most of you it's not new news either. Yet, this was the best recent documentary on climate issues I have seen in some time and felt it worthy to get the link on our blog. Whether you believe the changes in our climate are natural or anthropogenic the reality is we need significant change in our culture in our emissions for our future. I won't get on a soap box here about this subject which is easy to do, as anyone that really knows me would agree. Yet as a landscape photographer these issues hit even closer to me. I hope many of the images I take and display help to remind everyone about the beauty of our natural world and what is at stake for our children's future.

Here is the link to info on the program and where you can watch it online should you choose.

On a side note, whatever your party affiliation is and your personal choice for president, please remember to vote on Nov 4!


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