Friday, December 05, 2008

Foggy Escape To Metlako

This week I needed a break from my office and hit the trails in the wonderful Columbia River Gorge. I never tire of this area. I truly feel fortunate that it's a short drive away to this lush, green and damp enchanting paradise. I did about 10 miles of hiking on a couple trials. One I went on was Eagle Creek hoping for some dense fog and warm sunlight with Punch Bowl or Metlako Falls. After running into Marc Adamus on the way up and chatting for short bit with him and his client I made my way to Metlako. They left early to the beach which worked for them with a magnificent sunset that I would later miss. Yet my short wait around at Metlako gave me the following photo which is quite nice. Really shows off the gorge in all it's splendor. On the way back home I did manage one shot of the sunset at Cape Horn. This is looking East so you can imagine what it looked towards the West! I had spent too much time in the forest and did not get to a suitable location in time for sunset shooting. Nonetheless as my wife reminded me that evening... my main goal was to soak up the air in nature and get some exercise. I succeeded at that.


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