Thursday, September 13, 2007

Goat Lake

From 9/7 to 9/9 I spent several days in Goat Rocks Wilderness in (literally) and around Goat Lake. This area is snowbound for close to 10 months a year leaving a short window to get up there before the snow falls again, which I have been caught in on a Sept trip before! I brought my good friend Tyler backpacking for his first time and I believe have him hooked. Of course how could you not get excited in such a beautiful region with superb weather. As with any outing the goal is always to find and capture great images. Despite the dreaded forecast of clear skies for the whole time I would be out I ended up with some great images, including a few wispy clouds. If you have not backpacked to this area before you are in for a treat when you finally do. It's one of my favorite locations.

The image with the lake a bright opal teal color is Goat Lake. The color has not been modified, this is how it appears in real life since it's truly a glacial lake. And yes the name does ring true, you will see mountain goats on the hillside "walking" in areas we would have to work to climb as humans.


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