Saturday, May 24, 2008

Green, Green and More Green!

If you have not hiked up into the Columbia River Gorge before then you almost wonder if it's really this green. Simply put, yes! Spring is the best time when all the trees and foliage start blooming. I do feel very fortunate to live very close to such an amazing landscape. The streams and falls to explore are almost endless.

Last Thursday I headed out with three other professional landscape photographers Marc Adamus, Zack Schnepf and Jeremy Cram for some exploring in the Gorge. We went to some areas not seen or traveled much if at all by human traffic. Really amazing some of the places we came across. Here are a few images. The photographer in the one image is me. A rare out in the field portrait you will find of me on this blog. Zack took it too show the scale of this lush greenery, which it did very well.


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