Friday, July 04, 2008

Klein Family, Wall Portrait Session

As a photographer I love being behind the camera, that is not a shock to anyone reading this I am sure. However, Molly and I also recognize that we need to make our way in front of the camera as well. We do have some family portraits we have taken putting the camera on a tripod, setting everyone up, and then pushing the timer button and making the mad dash for the proper position before the 9 seconds hits...and -click- of the shutter! Yet this did not work quite right for a true lifestyle scenic portrait that we want as a large display for our home.

Our friend Emily of EA Portrait Design talked to me at a recent photography conference about photographing my family and if we would be interested in doing an outdoor on location family session. I knew we needed a wall portrait for our living room and of course Emily does great work so this seemed like a no brainer. With my scenic and landscape experience I scouted out the perfect location, and last Monday evening we made it happen. Here is our favorite which will end up as a 30x40 canvas in our home. This is definitely our style, being outdoors like this and mixing a beautiful backdrop scene with our family. Thanks again Emily!


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Great work.

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