Monday, September 27, 2010


If you know exactly what the title of this post is without reading on then you surely have seen this short film already. If you have no idea what I am talking about then I encourage you to view this film.

This summer I was getting ready to head for bed one evening when I figured I would watch a few minutes of TV before calling it a night. There are not many shows I watch and considering our TV gets about 13 stations you can tell our house is not big on TV watching. That said a couple stations I do enjoy from our wide assortment includes OPB and Discovery. That night I clicked on OPB and was immediately engulfed with what was on...which I found out afterward was the the short film SALT.

Murray Fredericks is a landscape photographer that has made many extended trips to the vast and open landscape of Lake Eyre in Australia. I highly encourage you to check out this movie if you are into remote travel or nature photography. Although I did see it online and on OPB I plan on getting a copy for my DVD collection as well. It's really something to see; the stills he captures, the cinematography and the story of his dedication on his remote solo trips.

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