Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Air Travel With Your Photo Gear May Cost More

Airline Ticket $29, Flight Fees $229, cost to travel on the flight you purchased an additional $49. You laugh yet the odd changes continue.

Well, this should not amaze me at the nickel and diming the airlines do already. If this catches on, and I truly hope it doesn’t, you will pay extra to bring your photo gear on every trip. I have only one question, when will this madness end? I know all businesses need to make money, nothing wrong with that. Personally I find it a little strange the way airlines are doing things today but that might be only me that sees it like this.

This is how I see it going down next time I am at the airport… “Excuse me sir, that jacket looks kind of bulky that will be $15 charge if you would like to wear it on your flight today.” These extra fees are out of control. Include them in the ticket price, that goes for the ho-hum meals of the past, and call it good. Ready for takeoff…



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