Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sublime Sunrise

I still have many other photos to go through but wanted to post this one while I am still out on the road for our yearly family trip. Which of course includes some photography. How can you not in such a beautiful place!

The forecast when we headed to Glacier National Park was for mostly sunny skies, which we got. However, closer to the end of the trip I was pleasantly rewarded with this amazing sunrise. I literally had to stand there and stare at it's beauty for close to a minute before I could get the camera out. It was one of my favorite sunrises to soak in and I feel thankful I was there to enjoy the moment. After shooting for about 25 min I was scared off by some grunting not too far off in the dense forest. Not sure if it was a bear or moose but I was in bear country and not to keen to hang out there by myself much longer! Fortunately I already knew I had the shot I truly wanted.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a lurker at NPN and had to comment on this image. This is up there with the best I've seen at NPN. It is just an amazing photo. Thanks for posting it!!!!!

Tigard, OR

5:58 PM  

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