Sunday, December 21, 2008

Amazon Dragons Paddling Club

Yesterday we had a rare snow storm in Portland dumping 6"-8" across the city, a beautiful site to say the least. Yet, besides driving in the winter wonderland, Molly and I did not spend much time outside, most was spent inside Joni Kabana's spacious and posh SE studio where we had a great time photographing the Amazon Dragons Paddling Club. I was glad a little snow wouldn't stop them. Sadly enough this city seems to shut down when some snow flakes hit the ground. Not them, not enough to stop them from coming out and having a great time. And a great time it was. The eight members that were able to make it were a blast to photograph. Easy going and up for whatever. This session is part of a multi-session project we are working with them on to produce a 16 month 2010-2011 calendar. Some single shots from yesterday, enjoy!


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