Wednesday, March 11, 2009

5 Year Anniversary - Timberline Lodge

Molly and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary in February. Things were busy that week, when are they not, and we post-poned heading out of town until this last weekend. Molly booked a night for us at Timberline Lodge. For those that don't know we were married at Silcox Hut above Timberline. I wanted to get married on the summit and since Molly does not climb mountains that was out yet we met in the middle by getting married over half way up Mt Hood. It was an amazing day and weekend, and seems unreal that 5 years has come and gone, a very fun and good 5 years I will add.

The snow covered trees photo is our window view last weekend during a spring snow storm that was dumping snow while we were there. It was funny watching our hair get frozen over and turning completely white as we sat in the hot tub. The other image is of us standing outside Silcox hut on our wedding day. We do need to give much thanks to Soren of Coughlin-Glaser Photography. He photographed our wedding, brought us into wedding photography under him and is the reason we are doing weddings today. Thank you Soren!

On side note on our way up a snowy Timberline Road we were seconds away from being the car that would have been wrecked bad if not totaled. Traveling behind a Saturn VUE we noticed as we were heading towards the next corner a Subaru came sliding out of control and it smacked straight into the front of the Saturn. I felt very sorry for the guy in front of us yet thankful it was not us. No one was hurt fortunately. Remember.... 4 wheel drive is not 4 wheel stop!


Anonymous Dulce said...

Happy Anniversary! love the pic of the two of you, very cute!

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