Monday, January 12, 2009

Kauai - Klein Family Vaca

After the busy fall photo season we like to take some downtime just after the Holidays duing our only slower time of the year. This year we went to Kauai again and it was quite enjoyable, which is easy to imagine. This is the rainy season in Hawaii yet it still rains far less than Portland and much warmer rain when it does. As a fellow photographer friend put's it "rain in paradise is still paradise." Our son Logan was a reading fiend finishing the first two Twilight Books, along with much time in the Ocean. Little Rowan could not get enough of the beach... playing in the water, building "sand castles" and the playground where she made many friends. Molly has spent time reading, relaxing and just plain taking it easy (I need to take lessons from her!). And there is me where I missed no more than a couple sunrises and sunsets over the two weeks, photographing as much as I could during the golden light and spending time with the family during the day. I did not always have good weather or a great sky but I sure as heck was out there. I did my share of reading, relaxing and even a body board crash where I stepped on a sea urchin. They sure are painful! I will post more photos later I am sure. Here are some I got from the many sunrises and sunsets on the Garden Island.


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