Thursday, November 18, 2010

Use It or Loose It

In this day and age of letting technology try and do everything for us we need to step back and remind ourselves that we don't want to do that. Technology advances are great for us and our world yet we still need to remember and keep our mind engaged and active from time to time. If you don't use it you will surely loose it, this includes your mental awareness as we age.

I go into this more in the podcast. Basically a recent article my wife sent my way talks about GPS use and how some folks are becoming "GPS Zombies" from over using their GPS to guide their way around. These units have a purpose and I have one for hiking that I enjoy but we should not be using them on a daily basis for places we can remember to get on our own with a little bit of brain power and memory. I still have a map and atlas that get used many times a year. I guess that is old school to many.

I also mention photographer Eric Curry. Although it's more conceptual with the significant setup in the field, many lights used and extensive processing it is some amazing and impressive work.

Rangefinder / Eric Curry:

GPS Addict? It may be eroding your brain:

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