Friday, July 18, 2008

Klein Family Photo 2008 – Part II

As most of you already saw on a previous recent post we had our immediately family photo taken by Emily Andrews. Shortly after that we headed to Missoula MT for a family trip with my brother Eric, sister in-law Malia, sister Kim, brother in-law Steve, niece Marlo and my Mom. I asked everyone ahead of time to bring certain clothes for this years family photo, last year was a quick mad dash for a photo at the last minute. I was sure this year would be different, which I should have never assumed!

Our plan was to take the family photo towards the end of the trip, after our outing to Glacier NP. However, when we returned our family was invaded by a highly contagious intestinal stomach virus of some sort. Nine of the ten people staying in our house were sick all around the same time! It was so crazy we had to laugh; you could not have made this story up. As I type this we are still not fully recovered. In all reality the photo shoot for this image lasted only 10-15 minutes once setup as Molly and Kim were still quite under the weather here and required some coaxing to make it happen. Unfortunately my Mom was still not well enough to make it for the photo. In the end it probably worked out ok to get an image of all the young Klein’s for the rest of all our families to enjoy. I am glad we have a photo to show for our efforts and I appreciate that my family headed out for this very short walk and photo session despite still not feeling well. We had thought about doing the family photo all with our buckets to really have something to remember but realized the experience itself was insane enough to remember for many years!

Image made on timer mode as I dashed back and forth for each shot!


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