Friday, August 22, 2008

Green Lakes Backpacking

Early this week I got away for a scheduled outing with my good friend Tyler. He was game to go anywhere and I wanted to go somewhere that I would have some photographic options of course. The Green Lakes area is very beautiful but photographically it is not an easy place to find good compositions if you ask me, or most other photographers. I have always wanted to go here and hoped that I could create some good images while doing so. During the week in summer is the only time to go here. It's too busy on the weekends and will offer little solitude.

In any event the outing was a good time filled with thunder, lighting, wind, rain and some sun. Fortunately the first day and night the rain was minimal and mother nature gave us a nice sunset and sunrise for what was an otherwise cloudy outing. The last night though the weather was definitely less inviting. From 8pm to when we woke up at 6am the wind and rain never let up. It was driving rain all night long. Still dry and warm in the tent it was tough to venture out in the windy wet weather and break down camp. Once we did, it was good to be on our way out. We had the rain gear so hiking in the rain was not bad. The warm breakfast we enjoyed in Bend was a nice way to finish off this outing. Here are a few of my favs from this little trip...


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