Thursday, December 25, 2008

Arctic Shores

I continue to enjoy this snowy weather and I am a little sad it's starting to melt now. I have been out almost everyday photographing it's beauty. A Subaru and chains will get you just about anywhere except maybe deep snow! Monday I started the day in the dark photographing in Woodstock and then I spent most of the day downtown photograph scenes and people. From Jesse the street drummer on buckets to the cross country skier Kirsten. Ending with a beautiful shot of the city skyline amongst the ice chunks on the SE Willamette River shore.

I also did make it into the Columbia River Gorge yesterday for some very stormy photos on the old highway. I hoped to photograph waterfalls but the snow as still coming down very heavy and they were not that photogenic while it was snowing. More to come of those later. For now here are some from Portland taken on Monday. Stay safe, warm and happy holidays to all!


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