Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Photographing Oregon

A guide to the natural landmarks of Oregon. This is a must have if you are looking for great places to go photograph in Oregon. Greg Vaughn did an excellent job of putting this book together. Why am I listing it here on my blog? One I am glad to promote a fine resource for photographers living or planning to come to the area. The other reason is my photo was picked to represent the Alvord Desert area in SE Oregon. I am glad to have my image picked for this region since it's such an amazing place to photograph that I can't wait to return to. Other great local photographers I know contributing to this book include Darren White, Sean Bagshaw, Zack Schnepf and Jesse Estes.

You can visit this link at Greg's site to order the book. Another option is to email me. I have half a dozen copies and will send one out for $24 including shipping and will sign my image for a personal touch. Here is the image that was selected, dawn on the Alvord Playa in spring.


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