Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Portraits and Weddings

We just want to get a quick blog post out about portrait and wedding work. Molly and I truly enjoy portraits and weddings. We have many great clients from the years we have been doing it, some even have become good friends of ours. However, for a number of reasons we started referring new portrait sessions and wedding inquiries to our peers. Our business for the time being is moving to focus on the aspect of Adrian's fine art nature work which ranges from workshops to fine art prints to stock work.

If you do need a referral though for portraits or a wedding just let us know and we have many great peers in the business that will take excellent care of you. There may be a time in the coming future that we will take weddings and or portraits on again so don't hesitate to keep us in mind down the road.

Thanks for your understanding during this time of change for us!

Adrian & Molly


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