Thursday, April 16, 2009

Boys Adrift

Sometimes I want to veer off the topic of photography in this blog and this is one such time. Although in a way nature photography and the outdoors does play a part even in this post. I read on a regular basis and I hope you do too. There is no substitute for books. Magazines are nice as well as newspapers but they are not the full meal like reading a good book. Almost all books I read are non-fiction from business to self-help, photography related or real life adventures stories. Recently I wanted something to read about in relation to teenage boys covering mainly concerns about too much time playing video games and or Internet surfing, basically what is the concern for too much time in front of a computer and not enough time outdoors. I take my son out with me as much as I can and as often as he wants to come, which has reduced a bit now his teen years. I had a friend recommend the book Boys Adrift.

This is a must read I feel for anyone that has a male 0-30, or if you are a male in that age group! Dr Sax covers many topics on why some male youth today lack the motivation that many elders have. There are five main topics including the type of schooling, plastics we use, over medicating for ADD, poor role models and of course video games. I will let you read it and decide for yourself. However, one thing is true and I believe cannot be disputed in my opinion, and that is we rely too heavily today on teaching and educating our kids via computer screens or virtual simulation. In other words too much time in virtual world and too little in the real world. I don't mean Real World MTV style! That type of teaching and free time does have a role to a certain point but they can never replace the real thing. It was good to read this as I know what it feels likely personally when I spend too much time in front of a PC and not enough outside running, hiking, etc. I have to get out into nature as much for my photography as for my peace of mind and recharging my batteries. And with that, happy reading and I am heading out for a run!


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