Thursday, October 01, 2009

Jefferson Park Wilderness

On a recent weekend just at the beginning of fall I had a chance to do a short backpack trip with a long time friend of mine Josh. We decided to head up to Jefferson Park Wilderness in the Cascades just outside of Detroit. It's a beautiful place and was eagerly awaiting what mother nature was going to show us for the weekend. High up in alpine country the color turns quickly. Before you know it the summer wild flowers are frail wilted foliage and the fall color comes roaring through to take them over.

Well, the fall colors were prime in some spots, not quite the majority of the area yet (maybe a few days off from that) but we did find some nice bunches of color. And although the weather was great for backpacking, warm enough for multiple dips in the lakes, there was not one cloud in the sky all weekend. Yet that does not always make or break good images, especially in fall time. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy.


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