Thursday, August 13, 2009

Glacier National Park in Summer

Aaaahhhh, Montana! Recently I had the chance to spend about a week in MT with my family. Although Molly reveled in a 3+ week stay I am glad for the one week I had. Not to mention the 3 days in Glacier National Park with just Molly and I. Our first multi-night trip with out the kiddos in over 3 years. As Molly knows I miss those outdoor adventures we took on a regular basis a number of years back. Can anyone say backpack honeymoon in Europe, I sure can.

Anyway, after a whirlwind successful workshop on the beaches of the Oregon Coast I headed straight to Missoula for my week in Montana. I did not touch the camera while in Missoula just focusing on some family time and reading, it was a nice break. Oh and of course my spinach and cheese croissant from Bernice's Bakery. If you haven't, you must, they are worth the 550 mile drive! In Glacier I did some photography but it was limited. I wanted to make sure Molly was enjoying her time. Fortunately she understands the passion behind photography, being a photographer herself, and was not bothered by my occasional stops to get images here and there. I hear from peers and friends in the business how hard it is to mix family trips and photography. Often the spouse is not supportive or understanding. I am lucky though not with just Molly and I. We get to enjoy our love for nature, each other and photography. It's a great thing! We even enjoyed the time despite the insane summer crowds, the worst we have seen in Glacier. According to Molly's ranger friend Josh the gate traffic this summer is up 33%. Add that with construction on Going To The Sun Road and you have one busy park!

And as for the huge gap in blog posts, well that is life right now over here. The once a week blog posts are gone for a while. There are a number of photography projects taking my time not to mention other things. I appreciate everyones understanding.

Enough chit chat for now. Here are some images from Glacier National Park a couple weeks back. The images are the vibrant turquoise Avalanche Creek, St Mary's Lake with an ominous storm and St Mary's Lake on a nice calm and peaceful morning just after sunrise.


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