Wednesday, July 23, 2008

International Conservation Photography Awards

Today I found out that one of my photos was selected for 2008 International Conservation Photography Awards Exhibit (ICPA). If you are not familiar with this juried exhibition and award it was prior to this year called the Environmental Photography Invitational (EPI), created by Art Wolfe to promote awareness and preservation to the environment. I will admit I am quite happy to have one of my photos selected for exhibition into a show that is themed near and dear to me. Most folks that know me understand how I feel about our environment today. We really need to watch everything we do as a society to our world. Once a natural place is developed it's rarely brought back into being a natural or wild place again.

I will post more about the show later on. For now here is a link to ICPA and the image that was selected. It's one I took hiking up Mt St Helens a couple years ago with my son and a small group of friends. It's called Above The Clouds and is still one of the most amazing sunrises I have witnessed to date.


Blogger Mark said...


What can I say, but wow. Not only great camera work but true dedication to be in the right place hoping it's the right time.

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