Saturday, September 20, 2008

CCA Hero Gala 2008

I had the privilege to attend and photograph the Children's Cancer Association (CCA) 2008 Hero Gala at the Tiger Woods Center on the Nike Campus. If going to a CCA event does not make you beyond thankful for the health of yourself and your own family I don't what ever would. This is an amazing organization that does so much for children and their families that are impacted by this terrible disease. I completely admire the determination and endless positive attitude the families and children showed at this event. Even when faced with such devastating life changing health issues. It's difficult for me to even imagine how I would cope through it if it were me or my family.

The evening did include some celebs from Storm Large to the MC Neil Everett from ESPN, among others. And was filled with many folks willing to open up their pocketbooks for a great cause. Thanks to Joni Kabana, the Hero Wall photographer this year and a great friend of mine, for asking me to photograph this event.

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