Sunday, September 07, 2008

CCA - Wall of Courage 2008

A while back I was asked if I could photograph the Children's Cancer Association (CCA) Hero's Celebration for them. Now that I had a chance to be there and see the event I am very thankful to have been one of the two photographers asked to document this day. What an amazing time I had! I feel beyond thankful for what I have and the health of my two kids. The stories that I read and heard about that these 25 selected hero's have been and are going through is simply unreal. The strength, power and courage they, and their families endure, to keep positive and a smile on their face is something we should all aspire to.

The photos on display were photographed by my good friend and fellow photographer Joni Kabana. She did a second to none job of bringing out some great expressions. The day was filled with lots of great events for kids from face painting to many games to jewelry making. Plus, the live music and good food. And the day finished off with the releasing of the doves. I would highly recommend you stop by next year if you can, especially if you have children. There is much to do and all proceeds of course go to a great cause...CCA.

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