Monday, September 15, 2008

The Olympic Coast

Last week I spent a couple days on the Olympic Coast with a buddy of mine and fellow pro landscape photographer, Kevin McNeal. This was my first time there and it's definitely as beautiful as the photos show and what people say. I did not get that great of shooting conditions most of time there but I know I will return soon. Here are a few photos from the trip. I normally like vibrant skies yet my favorite image ended up being the b&w when the beach was completely socked in!

During our brief stay we spent some time in Forks, a small town just off the coast calling itself the "Logging Capital of the World". I did see quite a few logging trucks so that is entirely possible. While we were there we went to this coffee shop Gathering Grounds Espresso to talk business and sip some coffee. The owner Marta is great and they will take care of you! Not to mention it's the only coffee place in town that has wi-fi. It's small, with only one couch and a table but worth the stop for the organic coffee and good conversation.
291 North Forks Ave
Forks, WA, 98331
(360) 374-4100


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