Friday, December 26, 2008

Columbia River Gorge - Snow Storm

As I mentioned on a previous blog post, I did get out the Columbia River Gorge twice this week. The first was Christmas Eve Day. It was still quite stormy there with wind and heavy snow in open places and heavy snow and slight fog in wind sheltered areas. Not the best for photographing waterfalls which I went out for. Nonetheless I did get some great stormy road and highway photos. If you have never froze your body instantly before here is how... stand on a open exposed area in the gorge during a winter storm and shoot photos directly into the strong east wind! I did this on a overpass and literally could hardly move my fingers after only a minute. It's bone numbing cold. The overpass photo you see below is that image.

I also did make it out on Friday, the day after Christmas. Although it was no longer snowing as I wanted, the big thaw had just started and was changing the landscape by the minute. I did manage to still get a few photos but not exactly what I was looking for. The one of Multnomah Falls is by no means original yet is very tough and different for a change with all the snow and ice. You have less than a 1/4 second to get this image as the spray from the falls is constant here. Your lens will look like a windsheild on your car driving through rain without wipers in seconds! Until the next winter storm here in town, enjoy these photos...


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