Friday, November 27, 2009

More of Zion National Park

Here are some more from my 2009 Zion National Park trip in late October going into early November. As mentioned in a prior post it was only less than three days of actual photography yet it was pretty productive overall as you can see. The image with the cascading falls is on the hike to the Subway and the other image is the ever so popular Watchman which can be shot from standing on a bridge. I know it's a tad more saturated and processed overall than much of my work. Being that I was shooting with 30+ other tripods this evening I wanted to work to give mine a little "uniqueness" even though I know some folks may not care for it. Zion in the Fall is a must to see, photographer or not. I hope you find time to visit in the future.

On a different note I do plan to have another podcast episode of Northwest Nature Photography coming up soon. Thanks for all of you that have subscribed already.


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