Friday, December 18, 2009

Knowledge, Chance and Luck - NWNP Podcast Episode

As you can tell by the title this latest episode of Northwest Nature Photography Podcast is about knowledge, chance and luck and how they play a role each time we head out to capture images in nature. We all like to do our homework before we head somewhere new, making sure we get to the best spots for the best images. Yet in the end not even the best laid out plans will always ensure you come home with amazing photography. Planning is good yet remember to be flexible and you will find you have more photographic opportunties than you might have imagined. Listen to the podcast to get the full low down of this topic.

Also, I do reference a specific image and photographic desitation in this episode and this image from that outing to help can some insight as you listen to the podcast. This photo is taken on the Oregon Coast at Arch Cape. Some really fun and interesting shaped rocks.


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