Friday, October 23, 2009

In Search of Fall Foliage - Mt Hood Oregon

I spent a couple days recently cruising the main and back roads around Mt Hood in search of fall color. A couple shots were larger scenes but most were more intimate moments of the forest and the vibrant fall foliage. When you see a great image or print of a forest realize how tough they are to pull off well. Even the best photographer can spend hours or days searching for the right scene. I did find some that I liked but none that I truly loved. They are tough for sure. My fav from the day ended up being one that I did not expect, go figure! That is why it's hard to judge when you are out in the field. I always need to remind myself to not get too excited or disappointed about images from a trip until I get home. Sometimes you just know but that is not on every outing. Anyway, the image below with the reflection and mystical lighting turned out to be my favorite. Some of the other posts came from the same day. All were taken in the Cascades in the Mt Hood National Forest area. Thank you for dropping by.


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