Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Traveling Landscape Photographer

The Traveling Landscape Photographer is what I cover in the latest episode of Northwest Nature Photography Podcast. I appreciate all the feedback I have received already and the many subscriptions. Let me know if you have any ideas for future episodes and I will do what I can to incorporate them. Happy listening!

On this topic that the podcast is covering I should disclose how bad I felt from a recent trip to Zion I took with my good friend Kevin. We were staying at a hotel for a couple days and my thermostat in my body must have been WAY off. The A/C was on the whole time we were there (or not there) and it was not warm outside. Kevin said he could not turn off the A/C when we arrived but I truly thought he was joking as I was unpacking my stuff, since I was comfortable. I heard the wall unit but I assumed it was just the fan running and not the A/C. To make a long story short it was left on the three days we crashed at this place and the manager commented at check out how odd it was that we had it on the whole time. They rarely see that this time of year in Zion. The cleaning crew I guess were freezing when they went in there. I am still a little bewildered why the cleaning folks did not turn it off on the first day. I know I would have. Anyway, even though I was comfortable in the room with temps outside in the 30's and the A/C on (ya, I can't figure it out either but Kevin said he was cold!), I feel bad from an environment standpoint as I would not have done this, especially while not being in the room. We hardly use our central A/C here in our own home when it's 50 degrees warmer!

Note: Please bare with me as I get the audio improved. I just purchased new equipment that should make the 3rd podcast even a little cleaner sounding.


Anonymous john said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dont worry the A/C is nothing compared to how much damage is inflicted on the environment from just traveling to a place like zion, good to see a passionate photographer

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