Friday, October 15, 2010

Pushing The Limits of Artistic Photography

Here is my latest podcast episode. The topic I cover this time around is one I am hoping to hear feedback on. Today in the digital age of photography the relative ease of processing images that are more fine art but look very real is something attainable by the masses and is done on a larger scale than ever before with more and more serious photographers out there everyday.

As I mention in the podcast this is a topic that can easily be discussed or debated for many hours. The opinions out there will differ as to what we each feel is okay even within the fine art realm. One photographer may believe you need to uphold certain methods and processes in order to communicate the reality of the scene while another photographer might be more concerned about pushing the limits of processing to attain their final photographic interpretation which may involve extensive processing or manipulation.

Photography for art purposes is much different in my eyes than photography for documentary or editorial purposes and with that I enjoy that photographers are constantly looking to change and broaden their horizons in the processing space. Whether I like the work or agree with the methods is not for me to decide. It's art and as long as you enjoy it and it provides you with satisfaction producing the work and seeing the final product, that is what is important. Follow your passion.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

F-Stop Photo Gear Sponsorship

Have you heard of F-Stop Camera Bags before? Well if you have not I encourage you to check them out. I admit I had not heard of them until earlier this year. That said I am really liking their gear already. My main Lowe Pro bag is now my backup bag. Why you ask? Well, although many camera backpacks can do well in keeping your gear padded for protection most are just simply not comfortable. F-Stop changes that with camera backpacks (and other bags) that are functional and more comfortable for hiking and long excursions. If you purchase from them please use the following link: F-Stop

As a side note all participants that sign up for a workshop or private tour with myself or any of the other Photo Cascadia members will be able to demo out a pack or two, plus receive a discount to purchase any of their products.

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Monday, October 04, 2010

Photographing Jefferson Park Wilderness

In case anyone viewing this did not get over to the Photo Cascadia blog I wanted to post a link to my write up on photographing the Jefferson Park Wilderness here. A beautiful alpine destination located about 50 miles from Salem, Oregon. See the link below for more photos and information.

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Sunday, October 03, 2010

After The Summer Off

After taking the summer off from any podcasts I have a new short one recorded and online. I don't delve into any deep intense topics for this round. I talk about a few things to see or do photography related and about my break over summer to be with my family (wife and kids), lead photo tours, personal trips and professional development. Happy listening.

PS - I had to record this on a different computer than all the prior podcasts. If it does not sound right let me know and I will make adjustments for the next one.
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