Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fall In The Gorge

I realize many folks may not be ready yet for fall, however as I was working through past images for an upcoming project I came across this one taken while hiking in the Columbia Gorge last fall. I have taken many trail images but this is one of the few I feel really does a good job capturing truly what it feels like to hike our lush green damp feeling gorge. Fall is my favorite season so while most may not be ready for it, I am counting down the days. I find the joy in every season the Northwest has to offer us, even the rainy days of winter.

Matthew & Alaina

We have had several weddings on farms this summer. It is such a great venue and we are reminded of this every time we photograph one. Of course Molly and I are outside type folks so we do cherish these photographic opportunities.

This wedding for Alaina and Matthew was held on their large family farm. The backdrop normally shows Mt Hood when the clouds are cooperating but on this day it did not happen. Regardless still a beautiful location without a doubt. Plus the ceremony was held early evening so the golden sunset light was coming from behind us beaming into the ceremony providing some great natural light images!

We photographed this for Soren of Coughlin-Glaser Photography (, he is a friend and fellow photographer. Here are few images from this fine wedding...


Here are some images from a maternity session with Hillary and Scott. They are only weeks away now from having their first baby. Hillary happens to be my cousin so we are quite happy for them and excited to see the baby. Coming up next will be the new born session!

Matsumura Family

Another recent session of the Matsumura Family with the two little ones. Sometimes the best images are when the kids are just being themselves and not doing a formal pose. I caught these great images of the kids laughing and eating Cheerios during a quick snack break to keep them going for a few more images.

Carlson Family

Here are a few images of a recent session with the Carlson Family. Little Kylie was a lot of fun, giving up some good laughs for the camera several times during the session. We find more often that with little ones the outdoor session, when the weather is nice, seems to work well. Of course we always have the studio available too!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Studio

As many of you know we have been working this summer to get new studio space setup. It's getting close to complete now, here is a sneak peek before we actually get it decorated. We have already used it for a couple sessions and it was wonderful to have this much space.

Stay tuned for our studio open house which we anticipate will be sometime in October. This is our busy season and won't be able to get the finishing touches done until early fall.

Art Enables Show, Oct 11

Mark your calendars for the evening of Thursday October 11, 6-9 pm for a art show that my friend and fellow photographer Joni Kabana says "will rock your visual world!" The following are excerpts directly from Joni's PR email...

Art Enables (, is an arts-based training and employment placement program for persons with developmental disabilities sixteen years and older, has been enthusiastically working with a variety of participants to create very dynamic and vibrant paintings.

To spice it up a bit, I contacted 10 commercial photographers to permit the artist to self curate a selection of photographs from which a painting would be derived. The end result? A spirited showing of a collection of paintings and the photographs from which they are based. The show will be hosted and all framing donated by Katayama Framing ( in their beautiful NW gallery.

The photographers know which of their images were selected, but they will not see the paintings until the night of the show. Needless to say, we are all very excited for the unveiling! I have held a long time belief that "there is more to photography than reality", and I am excited to see how these paintings deconstruct and piece together a new perspective of the photographs.

The paintings and photographs will be for sale, and all proceeds will benefit the painter and Art Enables. Additionally, we intend to make a donation to two local organizations helping to promote the show: CCI Enterprises and Special Olympics Oregon.

Address for the show:
2219 NW Raleigh St
Portland, OR 97210
(503) 224-3334

On a side note I have seen images of some of the paintings done by participants in the Art Enables program and they are truly amazing and unique. I can't wait to see what the paintings will look like, especially next to the original photograph. Here is the image that was selected from Adrian Klein Photography. It's called Color On The Water and is of Varenna on Lake Como in Italy.

Backpacking 101

For those that don't already know I have been asked to give a presentation for the Professional Photographers of Oregon (PPO) on backpack travel and landscape photography. I will be doing this at our Fall seminar at Seaside, OR. If you are professional photographer or aspiring to be one this is a great organization to be a part of.

I am quite excited to get an opportunity to talk about a topic I am very passionate about. I hope to inspire others to not only get out and enjoy the great outdoors but help understand what we need to do to keep our natural and wilderness areas for future generations to enjoy. If you are reading this and want to get into backpacking but are not sure where to start do feel free to contact me and I will offer up any advice I can. Happy trails!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

First Cup Photo Display

If you have a chance during the month of September try to stop by First Cup on 40th and SE Woodstock. There will be a handful of 20x30 scenic landscape images custom matted and framed on display from my collection. Some of the images include The Narrows, Above The Clouds, Two Med Sunset, and more.

Not to mention Anita (the owner) has one great hoppin' coffee joint that rarely is open without a line of folks. Serving my personal favorite of Stumptown Coffee.

Mount Rainier NP

Recently Logan and I spent several days exploring parts of MRNP. This included one night of car camping and one short backpack trip to Snow Lake. The wildflowers were not filling the Paradise Meadows like it would on most years but there was still some nice scenery to be had for sure.

Images: Indian paint brush at sunset on Skyline trail, Stevens Peak Alpenglow reflection, lush waterfall on the back of Snow Lake, fogged in Snow Lake, and morning site of Mt Rainier in Reflection Lake.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Nature Scenics

Over the last month and more we have ventured out into nature and wilderness as time has allowed. This is our other passion to photograph. The beauty of nature is never ending and gives a chance to take a deep breath for a few minutes of R&R. Images below include Oneonta Falls from the Columbia Gorge, dramatic sunset on Two Medicine Lake, and dead tree streaking clouds and morning reflection at Cosley Lake both in the backcountry of Glacier NP.

All of our landscape images are available for purchase in various sizes. Please see our landscape gallery on our website for more images, pricing, and additional information.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Bri & Felicity

Two very cute girls that enjoyed their time in the front of the camera. Including the usual younger sibling copying the older one. It was a pleasure to photograph them and I am sure there will be another session with the whole family here in the near future.

Ryan & Bridget

Ryan and Bridget are the couple we will be photographing their 9/2 wedding. For their engagement session they picked the SE Waterfront. Since they were fun and outgoing there were many good images to be had. We look forward to photographing their wedding day!

Dean & Sarah

Dean and Sarah had large reception in Mountain Park, Lake Oswego with over 200 guests on June 16. Dean is a long time friend of mine and I was honored to be there documenting such a great occasion. Arriving after all guests were well in the groove, they made their way to the reception entrance with live tambourines and drums beating along their side. And inside was live Middle Eastern music, belly dancing, and some of the best wedding food I have ever had to date. Congrats again Dean and Sarah!

Kevin and Casandra

For the biggest wedding day of 2007, July 7, we photographed the wedding of Casandra and Kevin at Cornelius Roadhouse Pass. I always appreciate when couples do things a little different. When the ear muffs were brought out it was quite humorous. Not that I understood at first the inside joke, but ear muffs in July when it's 80+ out gave me a good laugh along with others. Here are some of there images.