Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Glimpse of Winter Photography

Every year most of my photography efforts fall in the seasons of Spring, Summer and Fall. And every year I get excited for winter and have hopes that I will get out for more winter photography than the year before. One of these years it will happen but for what seems to be different reasons year after year I don't get out for as much snowy winter travel or photography as I hope. There is always next year, right?

For now here are a few images from one of my few outings this winter with my friend Kevin McNeal. It was a very cold morning, probably around 8 degrees. Yet if you are wearing the right clothing it can feel great to be out there like it was for me. We traveled first to a local meadow at the base of Mt Hood and then headed over to the Hood River Valley where you can see the clouds came in quick. We went from completely clear skies at sunrise to snowing on the way home, in no time at all. Hope you enjoy these and that you were able to get out for some excursions of your own this winter as I post this on the first day of spring.

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