Sunday, September 28, 2008

Current Fall Specials

Right now we are offering a chance to have your fall photo taken at a vineyard in Forest Grove. It will be on Sat 10/18 at Purple Cow and Apolloni Vineyards. Their tasting rooms are open on Saturday's from 12-5. They have some great wine! The sessions are only $49. Call the studio today to book. Please click on the photo ad in this blog entry for more details. and

We also have our Kids In The Park fall special, for kids and families. We will be having this at Washington Park. It's almost full! Yet, we do have a couple more openings available for those that are interested.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rey Charles

Molly's cousin Angie had her little boy last week. What a handsome and active little fellow he is. He had no shortage of facial expressions for the camera. From mouth wide open to crying to serious. We are very happy for Angie and Rey with their new addition and wish them all the best!

Parents: Angela & Reynaldo Ferrer
Reynaldo Charles Ferrer
Born September 15, 2008
8.7 pounds
21 inches long

Sunday, September 21, 2008

On The River... Senior Sessions

It's definitely that time of the year where the high school seniors are getting their photo sessions done in time for the yearbook deadline. If your deadline is coming up contact us today and we will get you in!

My good friend Emily of EA Portrait Design is still awaiting the arrival of her little girl and not quite able to shoot right now. In the mean time I am helping her out as I can. Here are some images from some recent senior sessions I did for her. Both of these were a lot of fun.

Kate at Berkeley Park

These images are of Kate Sinnott for her 8th grade graduation. The intent was to do this early summer but our busy schedule and Kate's did not work to get a session scheduled until late summer. Anyway, it was a great session where we captured some fabulous and fun expressions. We wish Kate a great first year in high school and we are sure it won't be long before the senior photos will be next!

The Carter Boys

One of our recent beach sessions was the twin 3 year old carter boys, Logan and Braden. Well, needless to say they are all boy and they sure know how to have fun. They really played well together and were not afraid to give each other hugs, albeit some of the hugs were hard to distinguish whether it was a friendly hug or the beginning of a wrestling match! And by far their favorite part of the session was running. I had them run up and down the beach a few times allowing us to capture some great moments.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

CCA Hero Gala 2008

I had the privilege to attend and photograph the Children's Cancer Association (CCA) 2008 Hero Gala at the Tiger Woods Center on the Nike Campus. If going to a CCA event does not make you beyond thankful for the health of yourself and your own family I don't what ever would. This is an amazing organization that does so much for children and their families that are impacted by this terrible disease. I completely admire the determination and endless positive attitude the families and children showed at this event. Even when faced with such devastating life changing health issues. It's difficult for me to even imagine how I would cope through it if it were me or my family.

The evening did include some celebs from Storm Large to the MC Neil Everett from ESPN, among others. And was filled with many folks willing to open up their pocketbooks for a great cause. Thanks to Joni Kabana, the Hero Wall photographer this year and a great friend of mine, for asking me to photograph this event.

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Going Big

Recently a client asked for a VERY large canvas from one of my photographs. It was the largest request I had yet. Not all photos can I take this big, it's based on many factors, yet this was one that I knew could go very large. The photo was one from the Painted Hills and happens to be one of my favorites as well. After much searching I was able to find a place that could produce a large high quality canvas for professional photographers. I was very happy with the end result and more importantly so was my client. The final size came to 4' x 6'.

Thank you again to Lance & Michele of Johnson & Associates of Ameriprise Financial in Beaverton.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Prouser Family

This last weekend we had a few sessions on the OR coast and boy was it a hot one for the middle of September. Very fine weather that we were fortunate enough to experience this late into summer. One of them was the Prouser Family. We had so much fun with them and I think they had just as much fun which is great. Especially little Lexi. She was less afraid of the cold ocean water than most adults. In fact she could not get enough of it and wanted to sit in it as much as she could. Then Jennifer or Seth would pick her up for a brief moment if a bigger wave came in. Here are a few of the photos from the session of Seth, Jennifer, Lexi and Penny... the Prouser Family.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Olympic Coast

Last week I spent a couple days on the Olympic Coast with a buddy of mine and fellow pro landscape photographer, Kevin McNeal. This was my first time there and it's definitely as beautiful as the photos show and what people say. I did not get that great of shooting conditions most of time there but I know I will return soon. Here are a few photos from the trip. I normally like vibrant skies yet my favorite image ended up being the b&w when the beach was completely socked in!

During our brief stay we spent some time in Forks, a small town just off the coast calling itself the "Logging Capital of the World". I did see quite a few logging trucks so that is entirely possible. While we were there we went to this coffee shop Gathering Grounds Espresso to talk business and sip some coffee. The owner Marta is great and they will take care of you! Not to mention it's the only coffee place in town that has wi-fi. It's small, with only one couch and a table but worth the stop for the organic coffee and good conversation.
291 North Forks Ave
Forks, WA, 98331
(360) 374-4100

Sunday, September 07, 2008

CCA - Wall of Courage 2008

A while back I was asked if I could photograph the Children's Cancer Association (CCA) Hero's Celebration for them. Now that I had a chance to be there and see the event I am very thankful to have been one of the two photographers asked to document this day. What an amazing time I had! I feel beyond thankful for what I have and the health of my two kids. The stories that I read and heard about that these 25 selected hero's have been and are going through is simply unreal. The strength, power and courage they, and their families endure, to keep positive and a smile on their face is something we should all aspire to.

The photos on display were photographed by my good friend and fellow photographer Joni Kabana. She did a second to none job of bringing out some great expressions. The day was filled with lots of great events for kids from face painting to many games to jewelry making. Plus, the live music and good food. And the day finished off with the releasing of the doves. I would highly recommend you stop by next year if you can, especially if you have children. There is much to do and all proceeds of course go to a great cause...CCA.

Kabana Photography:

Children's Cancer Association:

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Monday, September 01, 2008

Chrisman Gallery & Frame - Sellwood

I want to take a minute and thank Ed at Chrisman Gallery & Frame in Sellwood for their donation of work and framing for great causes. They framed two large prints of mine that are going to annual charity auctions. One is my photo "Above The Clouds" that is going to Gifford Pinchot Task Force for their annual fundraising dinner in October. And the other is "Sublime Sunrise" that is going to the Children's Cancer Association for their annual gala in Sept. Both are great causes that I was glad to be able to donate to when asked. Thanks again to Ed for making this happening!

First Cup - Fine Art Display

If you get a chance stop by First Cup Coffeehouse in Sept. They are located in the heart of the Woodstock neighborhood. Anita's First Cup will be showcasing about a half dozen of my 20x30 prints. There are a couple new ones that folks have not seen in print yet either. Plus, they do serve Stumptown which is one of the better coffee's in Portland in my opinion.

Sunset On The Columbia

Our original plan this Labor Day weekend was to take Rowan for her first backpack trip and then over to Eastern OR to visit family. Yet, she did not get well enough for the backpacking or the road trip so we stayed home. Last night was the only chance I had this weekend to run out for photos. I had a feeling this stormy weather was going to bring a pretty nice sunset. When I showed up on the shore of the Columbia River a intense thunderstorm was rolling through. After the thunder, lightening and down pour of rain passed... I was left with this pleasant scene. The more vibrant of the two photos was taken while I was about knee deep in the river. Feet firmly planted in the clay mud, it took some extra effort to get out of here!