Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cape Kiwanda - Workshop Photos

As you may have seen on a recent post I led a workshop at Cape Kiwanda for several photographers several weeks ago. It's always exciting to see what other photographers capture when I take them to a location that they have not yet photographed. Often we all see the same scene somewhat different which is great. Here are a couple photos from one of the workshop participants David Simone. To put the workshop in David's words... "Super fun day". Thanks David!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tree Farm Portraits - Sleighbells and OR Food Bank

Coming up in November we will be having a winter special to get your family or children portraits taken at a unique and fun tree farm. We will be at Sleighbells on Saturday Nov 22. Call now to book your session, space is limited!

If you have not been to Sleighbells yet you are in for a treat. This tree farm has the Northwest's largest year around holiday gift store with over 7,000 sf. Something for everyone in here. And if that does not interest you much there is also the 75 acres you can stroll through to pick out your Christmas Tree. You can come dressed nice for the phots and not worry about getting dirty cutting down your tree. Just pick it out and they will cut it and have it ready for you on future date of your choice. What a deal!

With this session we will capture your family with the wonderful tree farm setting, what better way to document the beginning of the holiday season. Sleighbells is located in Sherwood, just a short drive from Portland. Call the studio at 971-275-2116 to book your session. The investment is only $30 and ALL session fees will be donated to the Oregon Food Bank.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kids In The Park - Part II

Here are a few more images from the Kids In Park sessions we did of families and kids a few weeks ago. These photos include Lexi, Alexia and Karis. Happy viewing!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Baby Reagan

Our friend and fellow photographer Emily gave birth to little Reagan on Oct 4th, such a beautiful baby. Recently I was invited over to photograph all three of them... Jeff, Emily and Reagan. It was a great time and I enjoyed watching Emily's reaction spending time on the other end of the lens. Needless to say after all the feeding, rocking, soothing and more we captured some great photos. Thanks again Emily for asking me to take photos of you and your family. We wish all three of them the best!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Heat - Frontline PBS Special

I took some time yesterday evening to watch an interesting and disturbing special on OPB. Most of it was not new to me. And I hope for most of you it's not new news either. Yet, this was the best recent documentary on climate issues I have seen in some time and felt it worthy to get the link on our blog. Whether you believe the changes in our climate are natural or anthropogenic the reality is we need significant change in our culture in our emissions for our future. I won't get on a soap box here about this subject which is easy to do, as anyone that really knows me would agree. Yet as a landscape photographer these issues hit even closer to me. I hope many of the images I take and display help to remind everyone about the beauty of our natural world and what is at stake for our children's future.

Here is the link to info on the program and where you can watch it online should you choose.

On a side note, whatever your party affiliation is and your personal choice for president, please remember to vote on Nov 4!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kids In The Park - Part I

Last weekend we held a fall special at Washington Park for family and children sessions. It was a great time and the weather held out for some nice sunshine and overcast skies all weekend. We ended up photographing 10 sessions on Sat and Sun. Here is just a peek at a several images from them. More to come later!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Seascape Workshop

This last Wednesday I led a workshop on the OR coast at Cape Kiwanda for several PPO members covering landscape photography. It was a great time. The weather held out for us with only a sprinkle towards the end. This photo is of David Simone as he was photographing another scene I caught the water coming in around him.

I will be having more photo tours and workshops in 2009. If you are interested in signing up for one please let me know and I will keep you posted as they are finalized and announced.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Enchantments

This last week I spent 4 days in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, more specifically most of the time was spent at the Enchantments. Thanks again to my friend and photographer, Zack Schnepf for inviting me along. I hope to write up a full trip report when time allows as we experienced a fair bit during only 4 days. For now here is the super short cliff notes version and some of the many photos I took.

Day 1: Hiked in approx 8 miles and 4.5k ft elevation from Stuart Lake trail head to Upper Enchantments. This included Aasgard Pass which is 2k ft in less than one mile! The "storm" we were expecting moved in early and the last part coming over the pass was exhausting in blowing sleet and dropping temps.

Day 2: The wind gusts become very intense overnight with steady gusts of 40 to 50 mph and some up 60 mph! This along with blowing snow. It was a big test for my new little solo three season tent. At times I admit I was worried if my tent would make it, especially when one gust ripped my vestibule up into the air that was staked down and held by a small rock. The wind was relentless so we spent most of the first 36 hours holed up in our sleeping bags trying to rest but with little luck. Windchill on night two was easily around 0 degrees Fahrenheit. No desire to cook or do much so dinner was a yummy Clif bar and other snacks.

Day 3: The forecast called for this to be best of the days we would spend in the Enchantments. We could tell after we woke up that things were getting better quickly. Shortly after sunrise the wind died down to almost nothing and the skies were blue as can be. We quickly ate breakfast and did the short hike to the Lower Enchantments. Zack told me before we left that this is his fav place in the NW. I quickly realized why when the conditions were perfect. It was nothing short of fairyland like, even more so along Leprechaun Lake. We did not know how strong the next system was going to be and decided to leave that afternoon to at least get down the pass while the weather was perfect. Good thing because the pass had some rock solid ice spots where I ended up using my crampons.

Day 4: We hiked out after spending a very restful and peacful night at Colchuck Lake.

Photos as displayed below: Leprechaun Lake abstract, Leprechaun Lake larches, our campsite at dusk, Upper Enchantments frozen over, larches reflecting in Colchuck Lake and Prusik Peak framed by the golden larches.

More to come later as time allows...

First Cup Kids - Part III

I have finished processing the photos from the First Cup Kids event. We are looking forward to seeing all the parents and kids again soon when they come back to view the proofs in the studio. And as a reminder we will be displaying at least 1 photo of each of the kids in First Cup during the month of November. For now here are some more images... enjoy!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

First Cup Kids - Part II

Here are a few more First Cup Kids, including two sets of twins. I know I said it before but what fun we had that weekend, Seriously some great kids and parents. More kids from this special to come later on the blog when time allows.

On a side note I am headed out for landscape photography trip starting tomorrow and then the day after I return we are very busy with our fall special at Washington Park so if the blog is missing an entry a week from now this is why. Please be patient, we will have new posts soon!

Chrisman Gallery Show

Now that it's October take a break and come on by to Chrisman Framing & Gallery over in Sellwood. I have nine 20x30 or larger prints and canvas on display through the end of Oct. Ed and his staff do great work and I would recommend them for framing as well.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

First Cup Kids - Part I

I will try and get around to eventually posting at least one photo of each of the 19 kids from the First Cup Kids event but it will take a little time. Thank you again for those that were able to make it. Molly and I enjoyed meeting all the kids and parents, everyone was fun to work with. And thank you for the canned food donations. We ended up with a 65 lb donation to OR Food Bank which comes at a good time I hear as they are lower than normal right now. Here is a few images for right now. Enjoy!