Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Old School and Old Hills

Last weekend was a chance to escape from the urban dwellings to the hills and mountains of the less traveled. Our mode of transportation was our Subaru, the state automobile for the state of Oregon. Maybe that is not exactly the case but they are everywhere you look so I would say if Oregon had a auto represent it, like we do for birds, flowers, etc the Subaru would be it.

Saturday morning came and Logan I left by 5:30 am to get well down the Columbia River Gorge in time for sunrise. I will give my teenage son credit, at 14 he has become mostly reluctant to get up early and spend hours traveling to locations for photography whether we are in car or hiking. On this morning though he got up with ease and we were out the door in no time. He will appreciate these experiences in the future. In Mosier we met up with fellow pro nature photographers David Cobb and Kevin McNeal for some early morning shooting. The clouds moved in pretty heavy just an hour before sunrise filling the sky a dark flat light. Not what we wanted for this scene, mother nature is in control though, not us. No sunrise shooting this morning so off to get coffee and breakfast. After that we travelled lonely back roads to photograph old school houses. David was nice enough to take us along to these special finds. The conditions were not ideal yet we enjoyed the outing and more importantly my son enjoyed seeing these places too. A reminder for you teenagers that there is life beyond the Internet and video games.

Then in the early afternoon Logan and I headed south to the Painted Hills National Monument in the John Day Fossil Beds area. My hope was for drier weather heading to central OR. Normally this proves true but not on this weekend. Photography and hiking was little as the rain showers were heavy and frequent. We did get a break right at sunset as you can see with the photo below, yet it was not a magnificent scene photographically. We ate dinner in the peace and quiet right off a back road outside of the Painted Hills. Not a sound except the light breeze and the birds. The smell of wet fresh juniper filled your lungs, rejuvenating for sure. At night the rain poured. Enough that we had a puddle in the tent the next morning. Sunrise was a bust. We ate our oatmeal and drank our coffee in the secluded peaceful setting. Packed up the wet gear and then headed for the main road.

I decided it would be fun to take some back road that we had never taken before. It would be 36+ miles of dirt/gravel road. It started out fine for the first 10 miles or so, a very well kept gravel road. Felt nice to be off the beaten path. Then we reached a section with a sign that said "Not An All Weather Road" referring to what was ahead. We kept going but quickly realized it was not the place to be right after a rainstorm. The mud was so soft that my tires were sliding around, using the AWD to maintain traction, and kicking up mud like the Bigfoot truck at a monster truck rally. My tire tracks, the only ones around. Nothing serious but was equivalent to being on a slick snow covered road. Then around a corner came a creek crossing. I stopped immediately. I know Subaru's can handle this but in conditions like this I was hesitant to go on for fear that it would be extra soft around the edges of the creek and thus would get stuck. At this point the road was all dirt, or really soft mud, and no small rocks or gravel. I like adventure but you must balance that with safety and reality, at least for me. We turned around and headed home on the main road. A wet, muddy and fun outing with my son.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Amazon Dragons Paddling Club

Once again we had a fun filled day in the studio with team members from the Amazon Dragons Paddling Club. In our quest for great shots to fill the calendar they working on designing and marketing as a team fundraiser. They are such a great group that we enjoy working with. A thank you to both my wife Molly and Peter for assisting. And thank you to Peter who who loaned us his large over sized black backdrop. And last but for sure not least is a big thanks to Joni of Kabana Photography for the use of her amazing studio space.

Coming up when the weather cooperates we will have an outdoor session which we look forward to. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for their calendar please contact them directly. I believe they still have some spots available. The sponsorship will help pay for photography, design and printing.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fine Art Show - Tualatin Heritage Center

First Annual Photography show at the Tualatin Heritage Museum located at 8700 Sw Sweek Drive, Tualatin OR 97062. http://www.tualatinhistoricalsociety.org/calendar.html

Paul Sivley and myself are having a fine art show from March 12 to April 3. Between us both there will be plenty of photos on display from Paul's traveling in many foreign countries from India to Peru to my landscapes from the amazing ocean to the majestic mountains. The center is open weekdays from 10-2 and for special events and workshops. Please join us on Thursday March 19 for an opening reception which will include wine tasting. Now who wants to pass up wine! See you there...

Below photo: The Steens Mountains at sunrise at the edge of the Alvord Desert Playa (right behind me). This was on a local ranch which I asked the owner if I could roam his property. He was very kind in letting me do so since his cattle was not grazing in this portion of his ranch. I found this area after scouting around for a bit but not without the idea from a similar image Marc Adamus took here some time back.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

5 Year Anniversary - Timberline Lodge

Molly and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary in February. Things were busy that week, when are they not, and we post-poned heading out of town until this last weekend. Molly booked a night for us at Timberline Lodge. For those that don't know we were married at Silcox Hut above Timberline. I wanted to get married on the summit and since Molly does not climb mountains that was out yet we met in the middle by getting married over half way up Mt Hood. It was an amazing day and weekend, and seems unreal that 5 years has come and gone, a very fun and good 5 years I will add.

The snow covered trees photo is our window view last weekend during a spring snow storm that was dumping snow while we were there. It was funny watching our hair get frozen over and turning completely white as we sat in the hot tub. The other image is of us standing outside Silcox hut on our wedding day. We do need to give much thanks to Soren of Coughlin-Glaser Photography. He photographed our wedding, brought us into wedding photography under him and is the reason we are doing weddings today. Thank you Soren!

On side note on our way up a snowy Timberline Road we were seconds away from being the car that would have been wrecked bad if not totaled. Traveling behind a Saturn VUE we noticed as we were heading towards the next corner a Subaru came sliding out of control and it smacked straight into the front of the Saturn. I felt very sorry for the guy in front of us yet thankful it was not us. No one was hurt fortunately. Remember.... 4 wheel drive is not 4 wheel stop!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Extraordinary Expressions Photo Contest

Many of you remember our photo contest we had last year partnering with the great and unique children's boutique Spoiled Rotten. We will be doing it again this year! Last year we filled up so call early to secure your session. Hundreds of dollars in prizes from both Adrian Klein Photography and Spoiled Rotten. Sessions from 4/3 to 4/11 and only $29 + 3 cans of food for the food bank. Only sessions on 4/3 and 4/4 will be at Spoiled Rotten, the will be at home studio of Adrian Klein Photography. Click here for more info or call 971-275-2116 to signup. Event will also benefit the Oregon Food Bank.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

PPO Convention 2009 - Best Illustrative Division

Another great Professional Photographers of Oregon convention has come and gone. It was a fun and educational time as always despite this time missing some of it because of a miserable sinus infection. In the photography world today you have to take the time for continuing education seminars and conventions a couple times a year at minimum. The world changes and it's either jump on the moving train and enjoy the ride or stand and watch it fly by. Although sometimes it's tiring and you want to slow it down. Fortunately we enjoy the ride!

During the annual PPO convention we also have a print competition with many fine awards. I was fortunate enough to have the image "Hypnotize" accepted into the Court of Honor and picked as Judges Choice (this photo is below and was taken at Cape Kiwanda, Oregon). Additionally, I received the award of Best Aggregate Score Illustrative Division for all of my prints combined having the highest score in this area. A nice honor that I humbly accept. Below are all four prints that I submitted this year. Congrats to all the other photographers that won awards, many fine photos were present this year as usual!