Friday, February 27, 2009

Kahli - On The Farm Senior Session

Winter in the Northwest here can be rainy and wet for days on end, but sometimes you get a nice break for some great portrait photography. Winter does not mean all sessions need to be in the studio by any means. Just after some rain and snow we did this recent senior session on a large farm. Kahli is a senior at Vernonia High School, she contacted us about this shoot and we knew it was going to be a blast from what was described about the location. I can say she was easy going and fun to work with, not to mention the farm with endless props. Plus it was barely above freezing with snow on the ground and she braved the cold weather in lite clothing for some cool shots.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

AirPlay Cafe - Your Child as a Rock Star!

Have you wanted to see your child up among the lights of stardom for all to see as a famous rock star! Well, if yes then this is for you and even if you don't want that for your child this is still for you. We are partnering with Airplay Cafe located inner East Portland to do a special photo session of babies and kids. They are a fun cafe that caters to the younger clientele with story and music time daily! A fun part of this special is that we will have musical instrument props provided by Airplay for the kids to play for photos we take during the session. We will also of course take some photos of the child without musical instruments, so you will have both to see and enjoy.

We have done specials like this before and we know kids that are regulars at a cafe or coffee shop love going in there to see themselves up on the wall. And here at Airplay they will be on display for close to two months! Photos from the session will be available for purchase for those that are interested.

Airplay Cafe - 701 E Burnside

- Session fee is only $29!
- March 27 to 29 in SE Portland
- Support the OR Food Bank and a chance to win gift cards to Airplay!
- Limited sessions available

- Your child superstar photo on display

Contact Molly Klein today to get your little one on the schedule for this rockin' fun event! 971-275-2116 or

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Mt Hood to Columbia River

Sorry for the lag in posting lately folks. Things have been a little busy around here in a number of ways. Here are a couple images and some info behind them.

The first one is Mt Hood, Oregon at sunrise just above Timberline. When shooting sunrise or sunset landscapes most often it's nice to have some nice clouds in the sky to give added color and interest to the scene. That said sometimes you can find other points of interest when the sky is lacking to fill the void. On this morning I focused on the texture of the snow just after the sun popped over the horizon and gave some nice shadow and highlight detail.

The second is along the Columbia River just West of the Hood River Bridge. This evening was a lesson in patience that I sometimes need to be reminded of no matter how many times I have been out photographing. On this evening Mother Nature reminded me very well. The sunset was pretty lacking, I had been out since sunrise and I thought I should head home to the family. I also thought it would not get any better. Just at sunset time, shortly after this shot, I packed up and headed out. Well, sure enough once I got on the Hood River Bridge and looked West the sky lit up. The drear gray clouds that looked like nothing was going to happen with them came alive. This is a reminder to me and to you, wait all the way through. The sky changes by the minute and who knows what will be next!