Thursday, July 31, 2008

PPA Loan Collection

I had another photographer this week call me to tell me and look online at the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) 2008 International Print Competition results. I had completely forgot about it to be honest. Thank you Bonnie for the phone call! When I looked online I was pleasantly surprised to find that 3 of my photos had been accepted for exhibition for Imaging USA 2009 in Phoenix, AZ. Additionally, 2 of 3 were accepted for PPA's Loan Collection, which is comprised of only 15% of all entrants.

One thing I like about this competition (and PPO) is that it's one of the few it seems these days that you still have to provide a physical photo mounted up to 16"x20" for the judges to review. This helps to ensure the prints really are top quality in my opinion. I have nothing against being able to submit an online entry as a jpg file, yet there is something still to be said about getting your work juried as a real print instead of being viewed on a screen. Albeit I admit from my end dealing with the printing and shipping is much more time consuming than clicking a "submit" button online!

Here are the three photos that were accepted. Some of you may notice the image with the white rock is missing the sky (Title: Standing Out). This was done for the contest submission only. The prints I have produced and will continue to produce will have the sky. That is my artistic preference but I felt purely from a judging aspect it may be better to isolate the drama of the foreground rock.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Gifford Pinchot Wilderness

The Goat Rocks Wilderness in SE Washington is definitely one of my favorite spots to go backpacking. If you have not been yet and you like to hike and backpack this needs to be on your must visit list for summer. I am sure I will be there again in August or September this year for a couple days or more. The Gifford Pinchot Task Force spearheads the preservation and conservation in this area and all other areas in the Gifford Pinchot Wilderness. They recently selected one of my images for their 2008 Summer Newsletter which goes to several thousand members. This is one of the few places in the northwest that wildflowers such as Lupine are in full bloom real late in the season. This photo was taken 9/9/07 less than a mile from Goat Lake at about 8k feet.

For more about Gifford Pinchot area, see

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Beach Portrait Special

Sandy Feet, Cool Water, Salty Breeze

Come to the Oregon Coast for our portrait beach special. What better place to spend a little time with your family and get your portrait taken. For your scheduling convenience we will be having this on two separate weekends. You choose the date that works best. Please note, we will only have a limited number of sessions each day. Call 971.275.2116.

Dates: Sunday August 24 or Saturday September 13
Where: Cannon Beach
Investment: $79 for session, includes 4x6 photo. (value of $224)

Contact Molly to schedule your session. email: phone: 971-275-2116

Also, we will be having our fall special the weekend of 10/11 in Portland. More coming on this later, yet available to book now. Bonus: All clients from the beach and fall specials will be included in a raffle for Spoiled Rotten gift certificates.

More Montana

Still working on processing some MT photos as I get time bits here and there. Here are a few more. In the following order:
The first two are Bowman Lake at sunset, both on the same evening. The creek as at Fish Creek campground near Lake McDonald, and the b&w is sunset on Lake McDonald.
I am sure there will be more to come later. Eventually some of these will make the website when I get time. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

International Conservation Photography Awards

Today I found out that one of my photos was selected for 2008 International Conservation Photography Awards Exhibit (ICPA). If you are not familiar with this juried exhibition and award it was prior to this year called the Environmental Photography Invitational (EPI), created by Art Wolfe to promote awareness and preservation to the environment. I will admit I am quite happy to have one of my photos selected for exhibition into a show that is themed near and dear to me. Most folks that know me understand how I feel about our environment today. We really need to watch everything we do as a society to our world. Once a natural place is developed it's rarely brought back into being a natural or wild place again.

I will post more about the show later on. For now here is a link to ICPA and the image that was selected. It's one I took hiking up Mt St Helens a couple years ago with my son and a small group of friends. It's called Above The Clouds and is still one of the most amazing sunrises I have witnessed to date.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Klein Family Photo 2008 – Part II

As most of you already saw on a previous recent post we had our immediately family photo taken by Emily Andrews. Shortly after that we headed to Missoula MT for a family trip with my brother Eric, sister in-law Malia, sister Kim, brother in-law Steve, niece Marlo and my Mom. I asked everyone ahead of time to bring certain clothes for this years family photo, last year was a quick mad dash for a photo at the last minute. I was sure this year would be different, which I should have never assumed!

Our plan was to take the family photo towards the end of the trip, after our outing to Glacier NP. However, when we returned our family was invaded by a highly contagious intestinal stomach virus of some sort. Nine of the ten people staying in our house were sick all around the same time! It was so crazy we had to laugh; you could not have made this story up. As I type this we are still not fully recovered. In all reality the photo shoot for this image lasted only 10-15 minutes once setup as Molly and Kim were still quite under the weather here and required some coaxing to make it happen. Unfortunately my Mom was still not well enough to make it for the photo. In the end it probably worked out ok to get an image of all the young Klein’s for the rest of all our families to enjoy. I am glad we have a photo to show for our efforts and I appreciate that my family headed out for this very short walk and photo session despite still not feeling well. We had thought about doing the family photo all with our buckets to really have something to remember but realized the experience itself was insane enough to remember for many years!

Image made on timer mode as I dashed back and forth for each shot!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sublime Sunrise

I still have many other photos to go through but wanted to post this one while I am still out on the road for our yearly family trip. Which of course includes some photography. How can you not in such a beautiful place!

The forecast when we headed to Glacier National Park was for mostly sunny skies, which we got. However, closer to the end of the trip I was pleasantly rewarded with this amazing sunrise. I literally had to stand there and stare at it's beauty for close to a minute before I could get the camera out. It was one of my favorite sunrises to soak in and I feel thankful I was there to enjoy the moment. After shooting for about 25 min I was scared off by some grunting not too far off in the dense forest. Not sure if it was a bear or moose but I was in bear country and not to keen to hang out there by myself much longer! Fortunately I already knew I had the shot I truly wanted.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Jellystone NP

Ok, it's really Yellowstone NP but I like Yogi's Jellystone ring a little more. Logan and I had our first quick trip to Yellowstone this week, spending 1.5 days in the park. We did see quite a bit but of course not everything nor in depth. It was a great preview for when we WILL return though. Old Faithful was fun just to see but not the most exciting place in the park by far. There are other geysers, springs, etc that albeit don't erupt nearly as often or high are much more beautiful. Here are just a few of the photos I captured on our brief but great tour of the park. I promised Logan we would go there at his request since he is such a good sport about going all the other locations I want to travel.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Anthony & Kimberly

We photographed the wedding of Anthony & Kimberly Mosca this last Sat at The Governor Hotel in downtown Portland (see engagement photos on prior blog posting). They live in New York but decided to have the wedding in Portland, where Kimberly lived prior. The Governor Hotel is an amazing location for a wedding and we were truly thrilled to be photographing their special day. The way they went through the day and enjoyed themselves you can tell without a doubt they are one happy couple. The wedding day always has some anxiety and stress, it's natural... they dealt with it well. We wish them the best on the rest of their vacation in Portland and a safe return back to New York!

To view the slideshow large click on this link:

The Palouse Hills

Driving the scenic highways around The Palouse Hills are simply some of the most beautiful open and rolling farm fields you will ever see. It's easy to see why people will drive to this some what remote area. This was my first outing here. My son and I stopped for one night to enjoy the sunset and sunrise near Steptoe Butte. Here are a couple images. The first one is sunrise this morning which was amazing. Rarely do you get the hazy sun that you can star right into and literally watch it rise. No sun glasses needed for this sunrise! And the other is an up close image of the glowing wheat tops in the morning sun. If you have not been here this is a must if you are ever in Eastern WA. You will not be disappointed.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Klein Family, Wall Portrait Session

As a photographer I love being behind the camera, that is not a shock to anyone reading this I am sure. However, Molly and I also recognize that we need to make our way in front of the camera as well. We do have some family portraits we have taken putting the camera on a tripod, setting everyone up, and then pushing the timer button and making the mad dash for the proper position before the 9 seconds hits...and -click- of the shutter! Yet this did not work quite right for a true lifestyle scenic portrait that we want as a large display for our home.

Our friend Emily of EA Portrait Design talked to me at a recent photography conference about photographing my family and if we would be interested in doing an outdoor on location family session. I knew we needed a wall portrait for our living room and of course Emily does great work so this seemed like a no brainer. With my scenic and landscape experience I scouted out the perfect location, and last Monday evening we made it happen. Here is our favorite which will end up as a 30x40 canvas in our home. This is definitely our style, being outdoors like this and mixing a beautiful backdrop scene with our family. Thanks again Emily!