Friday, October 23, 2009

In Search of Fall Foliage - Mt Hood Oregon

I spent a couple days recently cruising the main and back roads around Mt Hood in search of fall color. A couple shots were larger scenes but most were more intimate moments of the forest and the vibrant fall foliage. When you see a great image or print of a forest realize how tough they are to pull off well. Even the best photographer can spend hours or days searching for the right scene. I did find some that I liked but none that I truly loved. They are tough for sure. My fav from the day ended up being one that I did not expect, go figure! That is why it's hard to judge when you are out in the field. I always need to remind myself to not get too excited or disappointed about images from a trip until I get home. Sometimes you just know but that is not on every outing. Anyway, the image below with the reflection and mystical lighting turned out to be my favorite. Some of the other posts came from the same day. All were taken in the Cascades in the Mt Hood National Forest area. Thank you for dropping by.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Northwest Nature Photography Podcast

Well, this has been on my list to do for some time now. I finally got around to recording the initial episode of the Northwest Nature Photography Podcast. I will try to keep this blog entry brief since I can let the podcast do the talking here! In a nutshell I want to record podcasts primarily geared to the nature photographer. I hope you find this of value. Happy listening.

Or can click on one of the below icons to subscribe. Just one click away from adding to iTunes and have it on your iPod to listen while you are on the go!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Above The Clouds and Manifest Destiny

Photography is normally a still life viewing event, except for watching your images in a slideshow or capturing time lapse work. With that said I must say it was rather interesting to watch one of my images in trailer for what looks like will be a pretty interesting film. Justin Chambers is a student finishing up his degree in cinema work at Columbia College in Hollywood. He contacted me last year about using one of my images in the movie he is producing for his class. I looked through his work and could tell it was for real but had no idea how serious this was. His trailer for the final film looks way cool and and I can't wait to see the final movie now. Feel free to check out the trailer where you will briefly see this image brought to life with a bird flying through the scene.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Jefferson Park Wilderness

On a recent weekend just at the beginning of fall I had a chance to do a short backpack trip with a long time friend of mine Josh. We decided to head up to Jefferson Park Wilderness in the Cascades just outside of Detroit. It's a beautiful place and was eagerly awaiting what mother nature was going to show us for the weekend. High up in alpine country the color turns quickly. Before you know it the summer wild flowers are frail wilted foliage and the fall color comes roaring through to take them over.

Well, the fall colors were prime in some spots, not quite the majority of the area yet (maybe a few days off from that) but we did find some nice bunches of color. And although the weather was great for backpacking, warm enough for multiple dips in the lakes, there was not one cloud in the sky all weekend. Yet that does not always make or break good images, especially in fall time. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy.